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  • Spring 13 - Lots of cool gigs going down - Max Lagers, Tkapalooza, Terrapin Brewery! and more to come

  • Winter 12 - The band plays several stealth shows (aka semi-private events)

  • Dec 11 - Fall Brewery tour was a huge success! Max Lagers Brewery, Red Brick Brewery!, and more to come

  • Fall 11 - The band begins work on brand new material for the coming year - TK Thornton (the bands drummer) gets married!

  • Aug 11 - Jango Monkey plays JERRY DAY 2011 at the Family Dog

  • July 11 - Jango Monkey plays 2 full sets 2 stages 2 days at Floydfest X in Floyd Virginia - 14,000 people attend!

  • June 11 - The band plays East Cobb Park - Free show for Father's Day with Suburban Angst and Full Net

  • May 11 - Jango Monkey plays a benefit "500 Songs for Kids" at Smiths Olde Bar - performing Stevie Wonder's Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours

  • Feb 11 - Magic Whoosh is released and magicwhoosh.com site is launched!

  • Jan 11 - Jango Monkey's second studio album Magic Whoosh is finished and Mastered by Rodney Mills

  • Dec 10 - Jango Monkey is invited to play FLOYDFEST X - fantastic music fest in Floyd,VA July 2011

  • June 10 - Jerry Day 2010 confirmed at the Five Spot August 1st. Jango Monkey will be there

  • May 10 - Rob and Eric kick of Atlanta Craft Beer Week with an Acoustic show

  • April 10 - The band headlines Terrapin Brewery's 8th Anniversary Bash in Athens - playing 2 hrs of original music for over 1000 people

  • Jan 10 - Jango Monkey wins $1000 for 3rd place in the Safe Auto jingle contest with original song "Be Safe, Be Free"

  • Dec 09 - the band enters the Safe Auto jingle contest

  • Fall 09 - the band returns to the studio to complete tracks on next album

  • Aug 09 - the band plays Jerry Day 2009 - Celebrating the spirit of Jerry Garcia. Jango Monkey is the only all original band on the bill

  • April 09 - the band embarks on Spring tour - Atlanta (Max Lagers 11th Anniversary)->Athens (Caledonia Lounge) -> Santa Rosa Beach Florida (Jambones)->Athens (Terrapin Brewery)

  • Feb 09 - Jango Monkey enters the studio to begin work on the second record

  • Jan 09 - The band headlines at Shortys and plays FIVE SPOT show with the awesome GONGZILLA.

  • Nov 08 - New review of CD up on the Home Grown Music Network site Home Grown Music site

  • Nov 08 - Jango Monkey plays the Hippies for OBAMA CELEBRATION at the Lake Claire Land Trust

  • Sept 08 - JANGO MONKEY JOINS LEEWAYS HOMEGROWN MUSIC NETWORK! - From Lee Crumpton: "A handful of hard working independent bands have been chosen to join Leeway’s Home Grown Music Network as a “Home Grown Band!” We are happy to inform you that you are one of these groups. A very limited number of artists have received this invitation." Expect to see us in their international print catalog, as well as being featured in their newsletter, and online sites.

  • Sept 08 - Jango Monkey to open for DAVID GANS at intimate House Concert - Saturday OCT 18th. This will be a rare ACOUSTIC Jango performance

  • Sept 08 - First full live show is posted on archive.org for free downloads and streaming. Go have a listen! (link on sounds page)

  • August 08 - NEW SHOWS announced - headlining Saturday shows at the RED LIGHT CAFE SEPT 27th, and SHORTYS OCT 25th (go to shows for more info)

  • August 08 - The band plays JERRY DAY 2008 "celebrating the music and spirit of Jerry Garcia" along with DROP, and gr8FLdude and Frenz

  • August 08 - Jango Monkey is featured in southern rock/jam magazine Hittin' the Note. very positive stuff!

  • June 08 - Jango Monkey hits #6 on JAMBANDS.COM RADIO CHARTS

  • June 08 - Eric and Rob do live on-air radio performance on WUTC CHATTANOOGA 88.5 - NPR/College radio

  • May 08 - Jango Monkey hits #9 on JAMBANDS.COM RADIO CHARTS

  • May 08 - First studio cd is sent nationwide to college and independent radio and is added to playlist on over 120 radio stations

  • RP's BLOG

    I officially resign as Jango Monkey "blogger". I have discovered that while I think pretty highly of Jango Monkey and our accomplishments, I also pretty much hate talking about the band, and laying out the sordid nasty details of how horrible the music biz is in general to nice folks like us - who merely seek to make interesting original music for your enjoyment. If there's anyone out there that has anything positive to offer about this biz and Jango Monkey's place in it, please share!!!

    That being said, there is some stuff I do like to talk about. Ask anybody that knows me. Music (other than Jango Monkey), Food, and BEER! I am pretty passionate about these topics and most importantly feel the need to spread the word on the good stuff out there.

    Music - RP's Hotlist (what I'm listening to and maybe what you should be listening to as well) 1. Nathan Moore - absolutely the best songwriter I have discovered in years! Not only does he have a bunch of fantastic solo albums, he is also the lead writer in Suprise Me Mr Davis - a brilliant collective featuring Nathan and The Barr Brothers (aka The Slip). He also was in a very cool bluegrassy band called ThaMuseMeant. Before I go further I urge you to go purchase the Natham Moore record "Dear Puppeteer", and the most recent Suprise Me Mr Davis. I will refund your money if you don't like this stuff. http://nathanmoore.org . Another crazy awesome thing that Nathan has been doing is something he refers to as Hippy Fiasco. This has lots of different meanings but most recently it means that every day you can find hippy fiasco on USTREAM.TV where he is live streaming the making of a new album. Via skype, and other means - he is asking everybody and anybody to upload files to be on his new album. Not only is this a fantastic and innovative way to record an album, he has found a unique means of connecting with his audience. I have connected in a big way and hope to steal some of Nathan's tricks some day. Go to http://www.hippyfiasco.com/ to see this in action - sign into ustream and participate! tell'm platzap sent ya!. 2. Wilco - The Whole Love - brilliant new album - just saw them live the other day and they are better than ever! buy this record! 3. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks - Mirror Traffic - great album - produced by Beck 4. Umphrey's McGee - Death By Stereo - I do love these guys - unfortunately for me this starts out a bit weak - but by the 3rd song starts hitting stride - growing on me. 5. Jean Luc Ponty - after seeing Return to Forever last month - with Zappa Plays Zappa - I quickly went home and looked for my old Ponty albums. Ok...instead I clicked an instant buy button and bought Le Voyages - a 30 track compilation of the jazz rock violinist's bestest stuff - really stands up well - I also grabbed the rare Jean Luc Ponty album King Kong - with compostitions produced and written by Frank Zappa - great to hear this again. 6. Old Rolling Stones - ok..I'm a year late getting to Life by Keith Richards - but I am emensely enjoying reading about Keef and the boys - whipped out some old Stones and am really diggin it. (Back in the day when I was asked "Beatles or Stones?" my answer was always" The Who"). Speaking of which, I recently caught the Roger Daltrey performance of Tommy - really quite superb. Later this month, I'll be heading down to Magnolia Fest on the Suwannee River - where moe. and Bela Fleck are headlining - gonna be lots of good stuff to talk about.

    Food: (this mainly addresses Atlanta area opportunities for awesome caloric intake)- I will be brief - Antico Pizza Napoleteano - Atlanta GA - Best pizza in the world - nothing else even comes close. I am an obsessed pizza snob and have eaten the stuff all over New York, Italy, Chicago, etc - this is it folks. Peter Chengs - crazy Szechuan cooking - lamb chops, Dan Dan noodles, Dry Fried Eggplant, Shanghai Soup Dumpings. Bang Bang Shrimp, on and on I could go, just do yourself a favor and GO - this unlike any "Chinese food" you have ever eaten. Food Obsession #3 - Miso Izakaya - love it! Duck Buns, Pork Belly Buns, dumplings, lamb chops - embrace the Japanese world of "Izakaya" - Japanese food that's not Hibatchi grill and not sushi...instead its Japananese Gastro-Pub - alcohol!!! Shochu is Japanese Whiskeys, small plates of delicious food, - tapas style. If you get lucky you may see some homemade ramen soup. I now google "izakaya" everytime I travel to another city.

    Let's talk BEER for a sec.How bout showing some love to Atlanta's better brewpubs! Max Lagers Brewery & Woodfired Grill (located in Downtown Atlanta on Peachtree) deserves your attention. JR's beer is fantastic. Go there, drink an Imperial Mocha Oatmeal Stout (IMOS), a Hopslosion IPA, and a Chocolate Bock - take some notes and post your reviews on Ratebeer.com and the BeerAdvocate.com. IMOS just won at bronze medal at the Great American Beer Festival.

    Thanks for tuning in. I welcome comments on any of this if you are so inclined. As always, we thank you for your support of JANGO MONKEY and music in general! Let us hear from you. Spread the word. Send your friends over to http://magicwhoosh.com to hear our latest album in its entirety for free! Give us a shout if you'd like us to play your awesome event, or if you've discoverd a cool new venue you'd like to see us at. Please check out our facebook presence and Be OUR FRIEND, our fan, etc! You can find facebook pages for me Rob Platner, for Eric Martin, and we have a Jango Monkey "group" page as well as a fan page. Join'm all!

    Hope to see ya soon!

    Rob 10/2/2011

    Archival news and assorted hopes and dreams:

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    Soon, we’re going to be asking you to get off the couch and come see us (again). We totally understand how comfortable the couch can be, but will try very hard to give you a list of really really good reasons why spending an evening with us, may actually be more rewarding than the couch. (But before you leave, you might want to check those secret couch places for the $2.87 in change that awaits you). We’ve got lots of new original songs, and there are some extremely cool covers we’re gonna be whipping out.

    If you folks have anything special you’d like us to play, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. We are very email friendly people so send us some email, and we promise to respond.

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