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Get the latest Atlanta Music News on your favorite Atlanta bands, touring/national acts, Atlanta concert ticket on-sale dates, and other information local music fans need to stay in tune with Atlanta's scene, all on one site. Jango Monkey info to be added to site soon.

Creative Loafing is the alternative free newsweekly nationally known for coverage of news, culture, contemporary music and the arts. A good way to keep your finger in the pie of the Atlanta entertainment and dining scene.

JamBase is the premiere location for live music & concert information on the web. With a focus on the sweeping and dynamic Jamband genre, JamBase contains a comprehensive tour date search engine for over 15,000 live shows by over 8,000 bands playing in over 20,000 venues around the world. Yes...Jango is there! Be sure to personalize the site thru the "my jambase" tab and add Jango Monkey to your list of favorite bands!

One stop website for jamband related articles. This ezine is published by Relix and contains numerous contributors from around the scene. Lots of good cd reviews and other cool stuff.

Relix is the only music magazine of its kind. Having weathered 28 years of musical history, Relix has firmly established itself as a serious music magazine, "deadicated" to not only entertaining its readership, but providing a true community for lovers of "music for the mind."

A generous offering from the archive.org folks serving up many terrabytes of free live music. The Internet Archive teamed up with etree.org to preserve and archive as many live concerts as possible for current and future generations to enjoy. All music in the Collection is from trade-friendly artists and is strictly noncommercial, both for access here and for any further distribution. Here's what ya do...Click the browse bands button, locate a show you want to hear, click the "stream" show button...and there ya go. Great way to sit back, listen, and discover for free!

We here at Jango Monkey HQ are card carrying beer snobs! (we also make our own tasty homebrew) RateBeer is widely recognized as the most accurate and most-visited source for beer information. RateBeer is an independent world site for craft beer enthusiasts and is dedicated to serving the entire craft beer community through beer education, promotion and outreach. If you are thinking of trying something new because of that super cool label...this is a great site to research the beer, before you buy.

Great local brewing company! Their RyePA is a must for all serious hopheads. We love Terrapin!

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