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Hitting new creative peaks with musicianship and song craft that demand your attention, Atlanta-based Jango Monkey uniquely blends elements of indie rock, Americana and improvisation. The band features Rob Platner on guitars/vocals, Eric Martin on guitars/vocals, Timothy Watts on bass/synth, Blair Price on keyboards, and TK Thornton on drums/vocals. A fixture on the southern jam scene for over 6 years, 2011 is destined to be the “year of the Monkey”. Not only are they thrilled to be included in the fantastic festival FLOYDFEST X (July 2011), the band will release their second studio CD entitled Magic Whoosh in February 2011 and expect to announce a regional tour in support of this new release soon. Jango Monkey recently played their 3rd Jerry Day Fest (in the spirit of Jerry Garcia) honored to be the only all original band on the bill. Also in the past year, with an eye always on better beer, Jango Monkey was invited to play for several thousand happy people at Terrapin Brewing Co’s 8th Anniversary Party. The band’s first studio release (2008) was mastered by Rodney Mills (Codetalkers, Pearl Jam, Gregg Allman, REM, Drive-by Truckers) and documents the depth of this sextet – moving from quirky indie pop gems to extended jams, while employing unique instrumentation that makes the experience often feel like a rock orchestra. That release hit # 6 on Jamband’s Radio Charts during the summer of 2008. Hittin’ the Note magazine profiled the band in the “up and coming bands” section and called the music “adept, distinct, well-structured, and at times feverish”. In the fall of 2008, Jango Monkey was selected to become part of Leeway’s Homegrown Music network. The brand new album Magic Whoosh was also mastered by Rodney Mills and gives listeners another full hour of eclectic songs ranging from indie folk rock to epic prog to big studio jams that capture the bands improvisation side at its finest.

Jango Monkey live delivers a sonic journey through tight tongue-in-cheek sarcastic pop to huge guitar based jams that open up into exploratory spaces featuring layers of drums, bass and keys. The live show may include covers by Phish, Traffic, The Who, Avett Brothers, moe., Grateful Dead, Traffic, Pink Floyd, Ween, The Beatles, Wilco, Alejandro Escovedo, and other random obscurities.

The members of Jango Monkey have been gigging in the Atlanta area for over 10 years, and as a result have developed an extensive mailing list of fans. The band has played throughout the Southeast at everything from house concerts, to regional venues and college campuses. A list of venues played is available on request.

Band Member Bio

Rob Platner: Lead Vocals, Guitars
Rob has an insatiable appetite to discover (from within and without) higher quality music to share with others. Like a warped and crazy missionary, he’ll also try very hard to stop you from drinking crappy beer. Or eating bad pizza. Or mediocre Chinese food. Rob recommends a heathly dose of Zappa-Alejandro Escovedo-Phish-Wilco-Newly Discovered Higher Quality Music (NDHQM)...Daily! Jango Monkey wants to be your "NDHQM".
Tim Watts: Bass, Vocals, Synth Weirdness
Multi-faceted Tim somehow manages to conceal his extra extremities throughout the day. In the evening, multiple arms and legs appear allowing him to simultaneously play dozens of instruments. Tim has been holding down the low-end for years, but more recently has been held slave to a group of Synth-bots. We are working to get him into Betty Ford for Ebay Addicts by year's end. Next time you see him be sure and yell "timmy!" in your best SOUTH PARK voice if you can.
Eric Martin: Lead / rhythm guitar, vocals, cheez-its
Eric has become a master of the very ancient Chinese "Sexy Guitar" technique. His guitar was once the last member of a race of super-intelligent shades of the color blue. In an effort to achieve enlightenment, this shade of blue contorted it's form into a telecaster. Eric can now be heard slinging sound waves for the juggernaut Jango Monkey and has developed a taste for upper-crust song writing, smooth grooves, and potato salad made with grade A Idaho potatoes and a smidgeon of Tang brand orange flavored beverage.
TK Thornton: Drums, vocals
I like to refer to TK as "THE MAN" cuz at the end of the day what makes a good band great is the presence of a great drummer.TK is that drummer! His chops have been finely honed through a long stint with the fabulous Ballyhoo Orchestra, among other projects he's been involved with over lots of years. Yeah...don't be fooled by that baby face, this guy has downed more Jaeger than the rest of the band put together (and thats really saying something!).
Blair Price: keyboards
Blair is the newest and most beer challenged member of Jango Monkey. Sure, the decline of the midwest states steel industry did wonders for the water table and helped frogs and fishes, but it ruined some of the finer working mans' brews of all time. Strohs, once the golden nectar of the gods, is all but lost and who knows what ever happened to Goebels. LONG LIVE the long neckers in returnable cases! Teaching a man that oatmeal mixes better with beer than raisins may be Rob Platners greatest challenge to date. Well at least he is a kickass keyboard player!

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